A searingly honest song.

I’m dealing with acceptance whilst clinging on to hope. To actually realise that it’s me that fucked up and maybe got my timing wrong and how I’d directed my commitment to another. (more on that later)

“Reading the book between the lines” is reading your lover’s diary and you find out some home truths about yourself and you’ve been deceived. Clearly it’s over but you still think you want and can have happiness. Too much damage, too much baggage, too heavy a load.

I found solace not in the arms of another but in a fellow songwriter.

A true bluesman willing to do nothing but play guitar, sing songs of protest, we’d share our frustrations and I’d just admire his drive for gigging, constantly practising and mastering his art. And then comfort him when he was vomiting with stage fright. We’d stay up late drinking and I’d wake up with no clear vision.

My own music becomes fresh again and feels like I’ve discovered something new and found my voice.

"Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself, you are not dying, it can be fixed, You will be happy again and you’ll feel that sun on your face"

This is not just for me, the colours of truth are for all of us. My ex, my children.

I still love you but I’m not in love with you. Be mine as a friend and someone that really gets me.

I need space to breathe and be free like you do “The Real Me” “The Real You”